This year we are so excited to roll out our completely revamped IGBC T-Shirt! As always we are grateful to our Season 6 Platinum sponsors for helping us make these shirts available to you. They are helping us provide shirts for free to the first 75 of you who complete the build. Heres HOW to get your t-shirt.

  • AFTER filling out your completion form, Email us a pic of your FORM letting us know you completed the build and would like your free shirt.* WE will reply with a number and instructions on how to order. We are only giving out 75 numbers so once these are gone, they are gone! Each person with a number will be reimbursed $15.25 (the cost of a tshirt).
  • PLEASE EMAIL: igbctshirt@gmail.com

IF we give you a number and you decide NOT to order a shirt, no big deal! But let us know so we can offer that shirt to another person.

IF WE RUN OUT OF NUMBERS, but you still want a shirt you can purchase one using the same website. www.bonfire.com/igbc-6-shirt.com

AS always please feel free to DM or email us with any questions!